Sponsored Children

Alhamdulillah with your help and the will of ALLAH S.W.S. our foundation has sponsored twenty eight (28) children since our inception in 2017. 

Our first sponsorship was two orphan boys in Tanzania in 2017, and two impoverished children, one boy and one girl in Guyana, South America in 2018.  Since then, your generous contributions have enabled us to increase our sponsorship to additional  countries.  We now sponsor children in Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Guyana, and Bangladesh, and we hope to add other countries in our mission to assist impoverished children worldwide.

In Kenya we recently sponsored four female orphans from Dhahabu Care Center who are studying for the national exams.   Our foundation is assisting in financing their education so they can attain financial independence when they leave the Care Center.

Our sponsored children in Tanzania are pursuing Islamic education at the Al Azizu Islamic Center in Masai, Mtwara, Ambasha Islamic High School,  and Dar Es Salaam Islamic School in Tanzania.  At the end of their studies, they will be well versed and certified in Islamic knowledge.  Alhamdulillah they will move out of poverty and into a better life. 

In Bangladesh, our sponsored student is studying to become a Hafiz, and he plan to pursue higher religious learning.  We are looking to add more underprivileged children there to follow in his footsteps. 

In Guyana, our sponsored children are pursuing both Islamic and secular studies at Berbice Islamic School in Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice.  They are also studying for national examinations, and upon passing these exams, they will be qualified to get well paying jobs and move out of poverty.  Alhamdulillah two of them graduated recently and are now gainfully employed!

In Indonesia, our sponsored students include orphans who are boarding at Islamic institutions, and studying Islamic and secular education. These children, both boys and girls, are being educated to a national level, where they can achieve financial independence when they leave their institutions.

We communicate regularly with the schools, and keep track of the children’s progress each semester. We are also working with our contacts in these countries to offer assistance to additional underprivileged children.