Vision and mission


Our Vision:

  • To become the charity of choice for assisting underprivileged youths worldwide to get a better future.

 Our Mission:

  • To create opportunities for underprivileged youths  by offering them financial assistance so they can achieve a high standard of Islamic education.
  • We are a Muslim organization and feel it is our religious responsibility to offer financial support to underprivileged children in financial need regardless of their ethnicity or other identifying features.

Our Goals:

  • To assist and empower underprivileged youths worldwide so they can earn their rightful place in society.
  • To strengthen the family system through Islamic education and moral and ethical core values.
  • To foster effective partnership and coordination with Islamic Centers, faith-based organizations, civic and governmental agencies.

Our Values

  • Compassion, Sincerity, and Service to Humanity.